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Put a fork in it
Mon, 04 Jun 12 06:45:58 -0700

On the off chance you have stumbled upon this website:

This project is dead.

Considering I started this back when I was *just* out of college, lost interest / motivation a few months later.

Not finishing this project has always left a sour taste in my mouth. But with the advent of the iPhone, I haven't turned on my Newton in a couple of years.

This website has been migrated from webserver to webserver with me - sometimes the server was offline for extended periods.

PHP has moved on, so most of the code for the website is broken.

Mac development and the available APIs have changed significantly since 2006, I doubt my old code would compile as is with the current XCode... hell - I don't even know if it can import the now 2 generations old project file format this had been developed inside.

I've cleaned away some errors from the php code - but it is still ugly, fragile, and not functional.

This website will stay online as long as I can keep a server up, serving as evidence of my hubris and a reminder to me: don't bite off more than you can chew.

To anyone who ever had hopes I would produce something useful, I apologize.

Sat, 10 Nov 07 10:53:59 -0800

So the site is slightly broken, not sure how as I haven't delved into it's code or database in... sheesh - over a year?!? Anyway - it was showing some really old articles on the home page, rather than the most recent ones. Adding new news posts seems to be shuffling the old ones off the page anyway. So hit the News Archivesto see the whole backstory from many months ago.

Sat, 10 Nov 07 10:51:03 -0800

Okay - so a server hosting this site is up again. Expect developments soonish - either more code from me, or at least access to the more complete tools I've put together. Sorry for the extreme hiatus guys.