About Newton X Press

Lets face it. Newton Press is REALLY outdated. Like so many other tools for the newton, it only works within the Classic Mac OS. With the release of Intel Macs, all of these old tools, including Newton press, will be rendered unusable on new Macs. (I'll leave aside the issue of running Windows on a mac to use the Windows version of Newton Press.)

Newton Press itself is notoriously buggy, and prone to crashing when adding images or large blocks of content. Worse, it has been demonstrated to not follow either the Newton Package Format or the Newton Book Format. It was crap when it shipped, and has not aged gracefully.

Newton X Press (NXP) is a Mac OS X replacement for Newton Press. The idea is to both create a tool that can be used natively on current macs and to extend the sorely lacking featureset of the original Newton Press. The bugs and irritating design choices of Newton Press will be a thing of the past. (I do however reserve the right to introduce my own bugs and irritating design choices as the program grows. ;)

NXP is being written in Cocoa/Objective C. It should run on Mac OS 10.3 and above when finished. Others have offered to help develop a Windows version. The feasability of porting the interface and engine code is likely low, but will be examined once the Mac version reaches 1.0. For now, feel free to keep your fingers crossed, though I suggest against holding your breath.

Community input is desired and appreciated. I am willing to consider features or design changes that you wish to see incorporated into Newton X Press, and pledge to hunt down any bugs you find. I can't guarantee that every feature or change requested will make it in, nor can I make this 100% bugproof until a few revisions beyond 1.0. For now, it's Alpha software, but I'm working on it! :)