Variable Wiper Project

I used to drive an Oldsmobile, until I drove the poor thing to death. Then I purchased an Acura Vigor. One feature sorely lacking from my slightly newer import car was that of variable speed wipers.

Sure, Honda includd high and low and intermittent wiper modes, but the intermittent setting ony had one speed. Rare are the days in the pacific northwest taht I found this fixed intermittent timing to be the correct interval. I'd been spoiled by the Oldsmobile, which came with a knob that offered the ability to dial in a desired interval.

I had long considered how one could add this feature to a Vigor. Most of my ideas revolved around ripping the switch mechanism out of a junkyard GM car and stuffing it into the wiper control on my car. Unfortunately all the GM control stalks set up for variable wipers I could find where set up for left hand use, while my wiper stalk is on the right. So I gave up on this route. Later I learned that the internal layout of my wiper control stalk is very different from what I had imagined. Adding anything inside the factory Vigor control would not have been easy.

Then I found one of these:

This is the wiper control stalk I pulled from a 1994 Acura Legend I found in a local junkyard.

It's effectively the same as what came sock on my Vigor, except it has a different rubber boot at the base of the control stalk, and a dial in the middle for adjusitng the intermittent wiper speed. I simply had to make this thing work in my car!